Gusto’s payroll app has fully integrated with OnTheClock, a pioneer in employee time tracking apps. The two well-known tech firms teamed up to create a unique method for monitoring employee hours and streamlining the payroll process. Thousands of companies around the world are expected to benefit from the new functionality.

Dean Mathews, CEO of OnTheClock, stated that bringing an integration between OnTheClock and Gusto into life was an act of good conscience. He said that their clients asked it, and they decided to accommodate them. Even though the partnership is new, the integration is working well and assisting the accounting process in transferring hours to payroll.

By eliminating manual data entry, the seamless interface between the two systems is easily linked OnTheClock and Gusto accounts, resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy. This allows business owners to connect their time-clock employees to their Gusto account with ease.

The creative integration sends employee timesheet data from OnTheClock to Gusto and starts the payroll process once it is properly connected. Standard and overtime hours, PTO, tips, incentives, and commissions charged can all be included in timesheet reports.

Here is the detail about how to get started.

OnTheClock recognizes the value of payroll accuracy for small businesses and aims to help accountants and other payroll professionals do their jobs more effectively. Payroll processing has never been simpler or more convenient than it is right now, thanks to easy access to timecard data.

About OnTheClock

OnTheClock has been committed to delivering the latest technology in cloud-based employee time monitoring applications since its inception in 2004. OnTheClock aims to meet demand by actively creating innovative time monitoring features for small businesses to record and monitor employee hours worked with over 14,000 active companies.

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