OSF HealthCare is an integrated health system based in Peoria, Illinois, and it consists of 14 health care facilities throughout the state.  It will use a new artificial intelligence-based tool designed to shift triage out of the hospital emergency room and into the community to get medical help to people in their homes. In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the need to keep the patients from overcrowding the hospital emergency rooms, the E-Triage will be a great help.

Baltimore-based StoCastic developed the AI tool E-Triage to identify the patients who are at high risk for hospitalization due to the Coronavirus. The tool helps nurses to triage patients over the phone rather than in hospitals. It then gathers information and mobilize pandemic health care workers to test patients in their homes and send samples to labs. By triaging patients over the phone rather than in hospitals, E-Triage is expected to eliminate the long queues and overcrowding at hospitals due to the Coronavirus.

John Vozenilek, the Vice President and Chief Medical officer innovation and digital health for OSF HealthCare, explains, “Using machine learning technology, E-Triage will risk stratify patients, identifying those individuals that are at high risk for hospitalization.” He adds, “For lower-risk patients, health care workers will be sent to the patient’s home for further assessment, follow up, and testing.” On the other hand, Scott Levin, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer for StoCastic said “Our EHR- integrated support tools deploy artificial intelligence methods that enable smoother, more affordable health care.”

E-Triage and E-CaseLink are predictive modeling tools aim at mobilizing health workers quickly and efficiently. 

About StoCastic

Started at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and supported by the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research program, StoCastic comprised of software engineers, data scientists, healthcare administrators, clinicians, and business experts, working together to make a difference in healthcare through evidence-based electronic health record embedded solutions. It harnesses large-scale electronic health record data and provide care teams with real-time, predictive insight.

For further information visit https://www.stocastic.com/

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