An offshoot of LiveJasmin, the world leading adult website that garners 50 million visitors on a daily basis called Jasmin was recently announced. Jasmin is the world’s first web camming site specially dedicated to connecting users with lifestyle, relationship and sex positivity influencers. With its aim of broadening the horizons of webcamming, has introduced actress and model turned activist Pamela Anderson as the Creative Director who will appear daily on the website. 

As the creative director, Anderson’s role would be to host regular virtual interactions with experts in the fields of relationships, intimacy and sex positivity. In addition to that, she would engage with Jasmin’s executive team to help design new initiatives in order to extend the reach and enhance the user experience. 

An inside study of LiveJasmin users confirmed that around 70% of webcam users were visiting the site to alleviate their loneliness by talking to the models, rather than taking part in any sexual activity. The COVID-19 pandemic forcing people to stay indoors, locked away from the rest of the world, has only increased the traffic on the website by many folds. 

Karoly Papp, Co-Founder and CEO of Jasmin, addressing the launch has stated that, they were astonished to realize how a staggering amount of people merely wanted meaningful conversations with the models, so they came through with a forum that simply lets them do so. With the introduction of Jasmin, they strive to harbour human connections based around shared common interests. Welcoming influencers, famous personalities and experts who are passionate about wellbeing, fitness, intimacy, dating and sexual positivity is a way of attracting and engaging with the audience that are particularly looking to talk and get help about such issues. 

Talking about her latest role, Pamela Anderson, the world’s most recognizable sex symbol, has said that she is more than excited to be a part of such a company, especially during the times when human contact is of utmost importance. Loneliness that this pandemic has caused can take a toll on mental and physical health. With the help of Jasmin which offers a way to form real connections, she hopes to spread a positive message across the audience regarding topics such as relationships, dating and body positivity in a safe environment. 

About Jasmin

The pioneer in life-style orientated interactive desktop and mobile platform, Jasmin, enables interactions with 300+ influencers through paid membership. Brought to life by the founders of LiveJasmin, Jasmin offers a judgement free platform for its customers to engage in fun and meaningful interactions with the influencers via text, direct messaging and video chats. At Jasmin, influencers are the ones making the ground rules and everybody is welcomed. 

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