Bitcoin Association, the foremost global organization for Bitcoin business that supports Bitcoin SV (BSV) as the original Bitcoin, recently welcomed Patrick Prinz, CFA as its latest Europe & Operations Manager. In this new position, Prinz is all set to serve both the roles of expanding the business growth of Bitcoin CV across Europe and fulfilling the organization’s operational requirements globally. Prinz’s appointment is the Bitcoin Association’s newest step towards global expansion. He joins other regional managers such as Ella Qiang, who is responsible for Southeast Asia and Lesi Li, who handles China’s affairs.

Bitcoin SV is endorsed by Bitcoin Association as it is the one and only blockchain protocol adhering to Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto’s original design, and his dream for Bitcoin to become a P2P electronic cash system and global data ledger for business. Developers and enterprises all around the world are slowly uncovering what value Bitcoin blockchain actually encompasses when it scales. In the past few years, the Bitcoin SV ecosystem has seen a radical growth to more than 428 known Bitcoin SV projects and ventures worldwide as individuals are finally warming up the idea that Bitcoin blockchain, with great data capacity, is capable of huge transactions, micropayments, smart contracts, tokenization, and many more progressive applications.

While talking about this new role, Prinz stated that he is ecstatic about joining the Bitcoin Association as Bitcoin SV finally realizes its full potential that first turned him to Bitcoin several years ago. The latest business models powered by microtransactions and the unchallengeable public ledger that Bitcoin is bringing about exponential innovation and development on BTC, which were not happening for a long period of time. He further goes on to say that he is looking forward to educating businessmen and entrepreneurs about the power of Bitcoin that has the capability of transforming the world for the better.

Formerly, a senior investment advisor for a global asset management group where he advised budding technologies, Prinz has a solid background in financial services and strategy consulting. As an investment advisor, he unveiled the advantages of having a sole, public, massively scalable, auditable ledger for storing any kind of data and enabling value transfer at a micropayment level, which is only possible using the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Holding a Master of Science degree in Banking and Finance, and a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business Administration, Patrick is a perfect fit for the role as he had a fair amount of experience in corporate and investment banking while working at Citi and Deutsche bank. Before that, while working at a consultant at a foremost strategy firm, he was acting as an advisor for international banks and guiding them on how to incorporate complex regulatory requirements and align business models to industry standards.

Addressing the recent hire, Founding President of Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen stated that with Prinz’s appointment, they add to their team another high-caliber expert who has international business experience. He elaborated that, Patrick will play a critical role in operational management as they expand their headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. With his knowledge, communication, and faith in Bitcoin’s true power, he would be a strong business voice for Bitcoin SV throughout Europe.

About Bitcoin Association

Bitcoin Association, the leading organization for Bitcoin business, brings together merchants, application developers, exchanges, miners and enterprises, etc. in the Bitcoin environment to boost the growth of Bitcoin commerce (bCommerce). It is a Switzerland-based industry organization that toils to build a regulation-friendly space that harbors lawful conduct, all the while encouraging technological innovation.

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