Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which has dealt considerable blows to businesses worldwide, multinational brokerage firms are looking for a robust foundation to protect their digital assets. PayBito, in collaboration with US-based brokers, comes to the rescue by utilizing crypto custody solutions to protect their crypto assets.

PayBito, a global trading platform, and crypto exchange, has announced the launch of its secure and user-friendly crypto custody solutions, intending to provide institution-grade custody solutions for the US brokerage business. PayBito Custody plans to support all bitcoin assets that are important to US brokerages and institutional clients.

Raj Chowdhury, PayBito’s Managing Director, explained that with over ten years of experience, PayBito helps emphasize the security of all of its clients. Raj believes that, in terms of the US market, they support brokerage businesses in using the most compliant crypto custody solution on the market, backed by cutting-edge financial technologies, allowing them to trade digital assets more efficiently.

PayBito’s Digital Assets Custody Features

PayBito’s digital asset custody solutions come with a slew of great features, including:

1. Top Grade Security: The custodial platform at PayBito is curated by seasoned financial and business experts. PayBito’s wallet service allows US brokerage clients to leave their funds in the safe hands of a reputable and qualified third party.

2. User Interface Is Attractive: PayBito prioritizes simplicity and consistency. It’s one of the reasons they created an incredible user experience for PayBito custodial solutions, which saves user’s time and effort.

3. Access to the Exchange is Simple: PayBito custody enables digital and crypto assets to be traded directly from the wallet. Experts control the chain of operations, ensuring that funds are kept safe.

4. Fair Pricing: Adjustable price is one of the many advantages that PayBito’s custody solutions offer. They provide free setup, no minimums, and flexible pricing options from experts.

Collaborative Ventures:

PayBito has recently given its solutions to the Filipinos, making crypto cashing easier for them due to their recent efforts and rising acceptance of cryptos in the Philippines. With a growing number of US brokerage firms dipping their toes into the crypto pool, cryptocurrency has a great chance to become a more solid and stable financial asset rather than a volatile one. PayBito, on the other hand, encourages collaboration and creativity.

About Paybito

PayBito is a powerful cryptocurrency asset trading platform that is available all over the world. A team holding extensive experience in banking security systems, cryptocurrency trading, and Blockchain technology built and manages the platform. It’s available on the web, as well as in the Apple and Android app stores.

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