PayBito, a major crypto exchange and trading site, recently crossed $2 billion in daily trading volume, continuing history of attracting a diverse range of global users with large trading volumes.

The crypto exchange expects to reach $5 billion in revenue by the end of 2021. PayBito anticipates the mass adoption of crypto among all traders across the world, based on their consumer retention and previous accomplishments in the form of trader attraction.

PayBito features dependable business operations with simple Fiat deposit and withdrawal procedures, as well as various cybersecurity initiatives, such as:

1. Database frameworks segmentation/web/app

2. Validations at the service layer

3. DDoS security

4. Use a firewall

5. 2FA Security

6. IP Monitoring

7. GEO Fencing Location-based service

8. Multi-signature wallet (hot/cold)

9. Screening for penetration

10. Infrastructure that is unavailable to the general public (VPC)

Besides all, when it comes to licenses, PayBito partnered with Bank of America, allowing it to leverage the Bank’s support for desired documents.

The perspective of the Managing Director:

Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director of PayBito, told the media that PayBito’s traders are distributed worldwide. By looking at their latest trading volumes, they will be eyeing $5 billion in regular trading volume by the end of 2021. They hope to ensure more liquidity by the trading volume, allowing traders to take advantage of the best asset prices.

Current Projects:

Recently, the trading site PayBito has seen a jump in consumer signups, and shortly after, PayBito has seen a rapid increase in broker registrations. PayBito has been navigating towards a rise in the brokerage program’s demand as the number of broker registrations has surpassed 100. PayBito’s goal of attracting more customers and improving transaction volume has been achieved due to this.

About PayBito

PayBito is a leading cryptocurrency asset exchange site that is available all over the world. A team with extensive banking security systems, cryptocurrency trading, and Blockchain technology developed and managed the platform. It’s available on the internet, as well as in the Apple and Android app stores.

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