Payescape, one of the fastest-emerging payroll providers in the U.K., acquired a credible API Payroll solution,, to integrate its business. In these difficult times in pandemic, where companies under pressure are to cut salaries, Payescape has decided not to give up and keep progressing. Payescape holds over 1200 clients in the U.K., along with 40% productivity in 2019.

John Borland, Managing Director of Payescape, has said: “We are delighted to welcome the team to Payescape, combining our skills and knowledge means Payescape can continue our growth trajectory and advance our offering.”

Steve Sarowitz, is the founder of the U.S. Payroll company, Paylocity (PCTY) and a co-owner of Payescape. According to him, Payroll software is the heart of their business model, and, they have relied on third-party software to process the U.K. payrolls until recently. The latest acquisition has allowed them to be more efficient and productive in delivering service to the clients.

Stuart Hall, founder of the new API Payroll Software business, and an expert in Payroll Entrepreneurship has said that the company is looking forward to the upcoming opportunities to achieve the success altogether.

Sales and Marketing Director, Adrian Greffert commented that the own payroll engine creates situation for Payescape to be have access to the new market and integration possibilities which weren’t there before.

About Payescape

Located in the U.K., Payescape’s objective is to provide profitable online payroll processing for the small to medium-sized companies. Founded in 2006, the payroll/HR solution enables companies to focus on their core strengths. 

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As a revolutionary and transparent API software provider, assists in integrating U.K. payroll and auto-enrollment facilities by maintaining compliance.

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