Peloton, a company focused on bringing small, mid-sized, and large oil and gas operators the world’s best well integrated lifecycle solutions, announced the acquisition of ExproSoft. ExproSoft is a world leader in well integrity management, data modelling and simulation.

This acquisition is a result of Peloton embracing digitalization and cloud technology. Joining hands with ExproSoft promises to not only improve Peloton clientele’s capability to examine their operational data but also their decision making abilities. 

Talking about the recent venture, CEO of Peloton, Glen Gray has stated that they are thrilled to welcome ExproSoft onboard and their future plan is to further transform ExproSoft. This development would include the integration of both the companies’ technologies in order to increase productivity, trim down the cost of the clients and optimize opportunities. 

About Peloton

Founded in 1991, Peloton offers consulting and training services for oil and gas industries across every stage of the lifecycle. Having more than 500 oil and gas companies round the globe as their clients, Peloton provides a platform that energizes the oil and gas digital transformation using mobility, automation and data integration. 

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About ExproSoft

Headquartered in Trondheim, ExproSoft is a company dedicated to risk and reliability analysis of upstream systems, experience and reliability databases and data collection, qualification of well technology and development of customized drilling and well technology related software. Data driven performance analytics for the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry and process industries is offered by their WellMaster and Miriam RAM Studio software suite.

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Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date May 6, 2020

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