Event technology leader PheedLoop Inc. is well acknowledged for its cloud-based end-to-end event management and automation platform. The company has come up with a new set of virtual event products to support the meetings and event industry. Amid the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, meetings and events are mostly canceled for the foreseeable future. This situation is creating a need for countless events looking for virtual solutions. PheedLoop has understood the gravity of the situation and has halted a number of business operations expected to start around March 1, 2020. The company has been wise to divert significant resources to rapidly develop a virtual events product, complementing its existing event technology ecosystem.

Rahul Goel, the CEO of PheedLoop, said “Words can only do so much in times like these. This is why we are committing to offer our new product at-cost, or for free in special cases, to events occurring before July 1, 2020, affected by COVID-19.”

The new product from PheedLoop supports streaming, networking, games, polls, ticket sales along with add-ons such as chat, includes live and more, embedded natively in PheedLoop’s mobile event app module. As event apps are taking the front seat in the time of ‘work from home culture,’ the app upgrade is an ideal solution for events on the brink of cancelation, or events settling for webinar tools. It is specially crafted for highly interactive and mass gatherings of hundreds to thousands of participants. The product also offers a portal for viewing streams post-event precisely like Netflix, opening year-round revenue opportunities.

Goel said that initially, the team was not very bothered about the upcoming events and conferences amid the global situation. But realizing the global pandemic getting worse, they did not waste time, and with fourteen days’ long struggle, they have come up with the new product to support events. Right now, it is upto the innovators of the industry to step up and help to save the jobs of as many as possible, which can get affected by this global crisis.

“Our virtual event technology is not intended to replace the live event experience. However, when the dust settles, we expect technology like ours will have permanently erased geographical barriers the majority of live events are accustomed to – this is something we are very excited and optimistic about,” adds Goel.

About PheedLoop

PheedLoop, a Toronto based company, is concentrating on event management technology, which specializes in creating tools to support event management through automation. The company offers an end-to-end platform featuring apps, registration, badges, speaker/exhibitor management, call for abstracts, websites, live streaming, etc. The company’s platform powers conferences, meetings, summits, and trade shows all around the world.

For more Information Visit : https://pheedloop.com

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