August 99 and Oqulo, the Philippine developers are launching QTime, a free software system designed to monitor the working hours of employees who are working remotely from home or other locations. the global drive for social distancing in the face of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic has initiated the launch of the software.

Tiger Bitanga, CEO August 99, owns majority shares for Oqulo said that, they want to do their part to flatten the curve by allowing companies to manage their remote workers free of charge, and they hold the majority of shares for Oqulo, too. “QTime helps companies have some level of business continuity by helping managers track teams of people working from home during this pandemic.” COVID-19 has spread around the world to all continents except Antarctica.

Social Distancing is the Cure

Countries around the world are introducing quarantine and social distancing practice as one of the most effective methods to help minimize the spread of the disease. Epidemiologists have defined social distances as acts to help stop the spread of highly contagious diseases, through ” limiting large groups of people coming together, closing buildings, and canceling events.” Work from has become a new culture amid the crisis to maintain the workflow without hampering social distancing practice.

The Challenes of Remote Employee Monitoring

Bernd Rennebeck, CTO of August 99, “Even before coronavirus, our companies have been on the forefront of work from home programs. Our firsthand experience has given us the insights needed to develop QTime. Our goal is to help forward-thinking companies successfully integrate remote working programs.” He added that, tracking employee’s hours of work is one of the most difficult tasks faced by remote employers, as according to him, flexible working hours and working from home can be very frustrating.

QTime helps workers to keep track of their employee’s working hours and time logs for any given period, as it does not need the use of physical biometrics or door access systems, it can be deployed in an instant. QTime is free of charge service and may be accessed from from any web or mobile device. Erny Nazario, Oqulo’s Product Manager said that, “By providing free access to QTime, we hope to promote remote working and social distancing in this extremely difficult time.”

About August 99

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