Plain Wealth, a technology-based innovation organization in Wichita’s Old Town, has partnered with Redtail, the world’s leading CRM in wealth management, to introduce the Plain Wealth app, a SaaS software designed to provide a seamless client wealth experience.

Plain Wealth’s founders previously created a more narrowly focused client platform to enter the wealth management sector. Interviews with firm leaders and advisors confirmed the same issue: the industry lacked a modern, broad-based platform for clients.

Plain Wealth’s domain expertise in wealth management and human factor research were combined to create a completely customized, AI-driven client experience that included seamless information and participation. It comes with the necessary security and compliance features, firm-wide disclosures, and the BrokerCheck standard.

Led by CTO Dr. Paul Peloquin and CEO David Thorne, Plain Wealth launched on August 3rd to early customers, including prominent RIA companies in the Midwest and nationally and a significant insurance company.

According to Thorne, Redtail’s support for Plain Wealth’s launch confirms the worth of Plain Wealth. He believes that clients in the wealth management industry have waited long enough and that this is a win-win situation for both clients and advisors. Redtail can now add a world-class client solution to their market share of more than 50%.

According to Dr. Peloquin, Plain Wealth provides clients with the seamless experience they’ve been looking for. Just the financial and informational facts they need, with the sensation of a deeper adviser connection. They built the platform so that new firms can get up and running in under an hour, pulling clients onto the Plain Wealth platform, which is privately branded for branding and connected with Redtail data.

About Plain Wealth

Plain Wealth is a subsidiary of Plain Solutions, which was created in 2018. Through a collaborative process, the company provides award-winning technology and innovation. Simple Wealth is focused on client-centric innovation, promoting financial wellness, and providing high-quality consumer solutions and support.

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About Redtail

Redtail Technology, founded in 2003, is a prominent provider of financial services industry web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. The company is committed to assisting advisers inefficiently growing their businesses by providing them with the essential technologies that power their day-to-day operations, as well as low-cost and simple-to-implement applications that integrate with many of the industry’s most popular applications.

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