PLANOLY, a leading social marketing platform used by more than five million users, introduced sellit, an e-commerce solution to help small businesses and influencers convert social media followers into buyers without having a website. They can easily set up their social storefront to turn their Instagram account into a gallery of purchasable products. 

Brandy Pham, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of PLANOLY believes in a process to simplify marketing. The aim behind developing sellit was to help budding entrepreneurs to establish their businesses and create an online store seamlessly. He said, “Times of the crisis have always led to ingenuity, and nowhere is that more clear than among PLANOLY users. We’re watching our users come up with incredibly creative ways to do more and earn more from home.”

With the growth of unemployment, traditional models are faltering, and offline stores are being transferred online, leading the small businesses to look for different ways to serve customers, friends, and followers. Sellit will help budding entrepreneurs and businesses to convert followers into buyers by letting them checkout with a single click, optimize time and resources, sell across multiple platforms by helping in selling digital and physical products through social media platforms, blogs, and emails all in an effort to improve shopping experience through their social media feed without an e-commerce website.

Draped, an all-woman shop offering print head wraps and clothing, is one of the small businesses that received early access to sellit and provided continuous feedback as PLANOLY developed this feature. Sellit has helped many companies like this in driving sales from social media and improving their customer’s shopping experience. 

Holly Draper, Founder of Draped said, “PLANOLY’s sellit makes it easy for customers to view my merchandise on any social media platform as if they are shopping in a store. It could be on Twitter or Instagram, and using that link, customers can then shop and check out.” According to her, the simplicity of setting up one’s own storefront, and the insight into their customer purchase becomes very useful for budding entrepreneurs. 


PLANOLY is a leading social media marketing platform used by more than 5 million people to help them visually plan, measure performances, and schedule posts on Instagram and Pinterest. PLANOLY is crafted in a simple and easy way to guide businesses from all backgrounds to carry out their digital marketing activities smoothly. 

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