Promethium, an AI-driven augmented data management company, announced its appointment of SaaS, data, and analytics veteran Puneet Gupta to their globally acclaimed team Vice President of Product. Promethium is the first company that has combined natural language processing, and automated data prep with advanced AI-powered augmented data management solutions, which will eliminate the long waiting time for the desired data. It has also been recognized as one of the CRN’s Hottest Big Data Startups of 2020.

Mr.Gupta is an excellent executive leader and a product manager with experience in building cloud services and enterprise products from scratch to $100M+ in annual recurring revenue. Promethium has given him the responsibility to lead Promethium’s product strategy and development. 

Before joining this company, he has brainstormed in building cloud services like Amazon Marketplace, Salesforce Einstein Analytics, Workday Prism Analytics, and Informatica Cloud. Being a part of revolutionary companies and products like Mulesoft and Salesforce Einstein, he was a clear choice for Promethium, knowing the value he will create for customers. 

Puneet Gupta recalls that as a data manager, he has dealt with the frustrations that came from not getting quick, actionable insights from data with the help of today’s technologies. When he heard about the achievements of the company initially, he was taken over by disbelief and it is only after he witnessed their work, he decided to join the company.

Promethium CEO Kaycee Lai is extremely excited to welcome Gupta in his team as he believes that he could not have found a better fit for the position other than him. He said, “With Puneet driving our product team, we can continue setting the pace for innovation in data management and helping our Fortune 500 customers transform themselves into data-driven powerhouses.”

About Promethium

Headquartered in California, Promethium is an augmented data management provider that allows users to access their organization’s entire data bank to look for answers to questions asked in plainspoken language. Promethium’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based automation software provides useful insights within a few minutes by ensuring the data deliver information is fully governed.

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