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Accelerate its Growth

Quantum Computing Inc., a pioneer in bridging the gap between classical and quantum computing, has added sales and marketing executives to its executive team, positioning the company for immediate and long-term growth. Dave Morris, a legendary tech sales executive, has been named QCI’s chief revenue officer, and Rebel Brown, a tech marketing veteran, has been named vice president of marketing. The organization hopes to incorporate quantum into business problem solving with these hires, which is already well underway.

Robert Liscouski, CEO of QCI, expressed how incredibly validating it is for QCI’s business model to attract such accomplished professionals leading their sales and marketing efforts. 

Dave Morris has over 20 years of experience in sales management, business growth, and execution at the regional, global, and international levels, including key positions at Cisco Systems and Intel. Before this, he was the chief revenue officer of Airspace Systems, Inc., a company specializing in drone detection and analytics.

Morris has a track record of establishing a consistent vision and achieving tangible results. He has trained and adapted broad sales teams to drive change and capitalize on technological advancements, all of which are important in quantum computing. Morris also expressed his delight at the prospect of joining a group of experienced professionals who are paving the way for real-world quantum software through QCI’s ready-to-run quantum software. 

Rebel Brown has aided numerous advanced technology companies in the United States and Europe in establishing, entering, and leading markets. She brings a wealth of policy, product marketing/management experience, and positioning to the table. 

Rebel has raised more than $500 million in startup capital, the launch of groundbreaking software systems, growth, HPC innovations, and profitable exits to companies such as Apple, IBM, EMC, and SGI BEA. Brown explained how QCI has rapidly become the market leader in ready-to-run quantum applications and his enthusiasm for joining the company.

About Quantum Computer Inc.

Quantum Computing Inc. is a company dedicated to advancing the utility of quantum computing for real-world business applications. Qatalyst, the company’s flagship product, is the first program to bridge the influence of classical and quantum computing, obfuscating complexity and enabling SMEs to solve complex computational problems today. QCI’s expert team in economics, engineering, security, mathematics, and physics has more than a century of experience with complex technologies, ranging from cutting-edge supercomputing to massively parallel programming to nation-level security.

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