Quontic Bank, the adaptive digital bank, has recently announced the appointment of technologist Felix Todd as the company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This new onboarding aligns with Quontic Bank’s mission of reframing how banks approach the intersectionality of technology and banking. 

Todd, a technology expert, was most recently toiling with Regions Bank, one of the nation’s biggest full-service consumer and commercial banking providers, wealth management, and more. Todd’s new role focuses on prioritizing two key aspects – advancing Quontic’s unique deposit approach and deploying critical data delivery for Quontic Works, a cloud-based, proprietary system allowing banks to automate processes, leverage technology partners to connect through APIs, and use data for predictable and actionable causes.

While talking about the recent announcement, Steven Schnall, CEO at Quontic, stated that they have addressed their employees’ and customers’ needs and hired Todd to enhance the quality of Quontic’s technology capabilities. Schnall elaborated that one of the core values of Quontic is to be intentional to understand the needed outcome, and putting talented individuals like Felix on their team has further fortified the motto.

Felix Todd, CTO at Quontic, expressed his gratitude by saying that he is thrilled to be a part of a company that is disrupting the digital banking industry. Automation of process is a key factor contributing towards Quontic’s continued success in the CDFI space, and he is looking forward to streamlining its internal and external applications, Todd concluded.

About Quontic Bank

Founded in 1997, Quontic Bank is an adaptive digital bank that empowers its customers using technology. Headquartered in New York, Quontic Bank is a Member of FDIC bank and uniquely positioned to embrace their customers’ diverse circumstances.

For more information, visit: https://www.quonticbank.com

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