IBM and Raise Green, announced a partnership to create Raise Green’s software solution, which will be implemented using Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud and will enable any entrepreneur to initiate their own community solar energy businesses. Following the initial launch last year of the Originator Engine, today marks the release of the latest Beta version.

Raise Green approached IBM Global Business Services (GBS) with a requirement which the two companies turned into the Originator Engine – a game-changing digital tool that consumers, investment firms, and ecosystem partners can use to start, fund, develop, and operate new solar businesses.

Franz Hochstrasser, CEO and co-founder of Raise Green, stated that in order to combat climate change in a practical way, everyone has a part to play. He observed that nations have pledged to act, technologies are ready, and policies are changing for the better, but not rapid enough. Raise Green is designed to empower communities who are tired of waiting for climate and social impact action Hochstrasser added. IBM is assisting them in bringing this innovation to life by creating a customer experience that makes beginning a new business simple while also allowing them to diversify beyond solar into areas such as template microgrids, energy effectiveness, electric vehicle charging, urban farms, and affordable housing, he concluded.

Raise Green enlisted the help of IBM GBS to create a digital experience that would enable climate entrepreneurs to initiate and fund their businesses and local climate initiatives by discarding barriers and providing them with knowledge and techniques. Through the IBM Garage – IBM’s approach to fast-tracking innovation at scale, to aid reshape organizations from the inside out – a team of IBM design and technology specialists collaborated with Raise Green to co-create, build, and implement a proof-of-concept for the Originator Engine in just eight weeks. Raise Green’s Originator Engine runs on Red Hat OpenShift and is hosted on IBM Cloud.

The Originator Engine integrates numerous database standards, enables businesses to create SEC filings, and provides investment options via the Raise Green Investor Marketplace. The Originator Engine is intended to optimize the process of creating and executing financial and legal documents by converting thousands of pages into streamlined and easy-to-use templates. 

Debbie Vavangas, Global Lead, IBM Garage, stated that Raise Green and IBM collaborated to provide a tangible response to the question of ‘how to get involved in combating climate change’. Debbie elaborated that Raise Green wanted to adopt cloud-based and agile methodologies which can enhance the establishment of a new digital experience for climate entrepreneurs and give Raise Green the versatility to evolve technological transformation for the future.

About Raise Green

Raise Green is the United States’ first global market for regional and inclusive impact investing that has verifiable and demonstrable environmental impacts. Anyone with access to the platform can start their community solar project. Anyone can invest in community-focused climate resilience projects on Raise Green’s investor marketplace, which offers a wide range of project scales and investment minimums. Raise Green’s early investors have extensive experience in the renewable energy industry and project financing. Investors can gain significance while also making quantifiable contributions to local communities and obtaining financial returns if the project succeeds.

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About IBM: 

IBM is an American cloud platform and cognitive solutions multinational technology and consulting company. Headquartered at Armonk, New York, the company has over 350,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries.

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