Redrock Biometrics, the creator of PalmID® and HYPR, a passwordless authentication provider, have announced a partnership for Redrock to provide the PalmID® solution. The move comes in time to deal with the authentication concerns caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing precautions that are being followed by people around the world, which has affected the way physical and digital environments are perceived. Understandably, there is reluctance in using touch-based devices, such as key-pads, touch screens and fingerprint scanners. Amid this situation, PalmID® from Redrock provides the most suitable solution. 

In the fight against the pandemic, face masks have become regular, which reduces the use of face biometric solutions. This further leads to the growing need for other touchless biometric solutions, using parts of the body other than the face. PalmID® uses palm prints and sub-dermal palm veins for authentication, since these are unique to individuals without any exception. Skin lines and creases are captured in visible light, and as an additional option, an infra-red image of the veins can also be used for individual identification. The introduction of PalmID® on the HYPR platform will essentially equip users with a multi-modal approach and an authentication experience that is more relevant and suitable to the current global conditions.

Lenny Kontsevich, co-founder, Redrock Biometrics expressed, “We are thrilled to work with HYPR to provide PalmID®,” further emphasizing on the fact that palm biometrics are at the forefront of the best options in the area of biometric security right now, since the world is changing. 

The CEO of HYPR, George Avetisov mentioned how important it is to offer users optionality in authentication methods, and stated “Making secure and touchless authentication available to users furthers our mission of building a passwordless world.” He also said that the partnership with Redrock Biometrics opened new and exciting possibilities for password authentication.

About Redrock Biometrics

Located in San Francisco, Redrock Biometrics created PalmID®, its patented palm-based authentication. PalmID® is user-friendly, and the ease of integration with available cameras and devices offers flexibility for businesses and individual users. The initial capture by the device follows two stages, namely the PalmID® Capture Module and the PalmID® Matching Module, first making the image ready to authenticate and later matching it with the available references. Due to the seamless and touchless interactions with enhanced security, it meets the authentication needs for multiple markets, including AR/VR, Payments, Healthcare, Automotive and Omnichannel Banking, among others. 

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About HYPR 

HYPR is an authentication platform designed to eliminate passwords and shared secrets across the enterprise. It has been instrumental in securing passwordless authentication for leading organizations across the globe. Businesses deploy HYPR to eliminate fraudulent activity and credential reuse. The team at HYPR is made up of experts in the field of security, software engineering, enterprise sales and user experience. 

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