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U.S. based HR technology startup Remote, developer of the remote work platform that helps companies recruit globally, announced an $11 million fund raised through seed investment. The funding round was headed by Two Sigma Ventures with participants such as Index Ventures, INKEF Ventures, Remote First Capital, angel investors from GitLab and HackerOne besides General Catalyst and Liquid2. 

The endowment aims to accelerate the expansion of Remote’s onboarding platform through a network of forty new markets including Canada, Germany, The United States and France.

Remote transformed the entire workspace concept by launching the first all-in-one platform where companies can seamlessly operate to search, employ and retain employee remotely and coordinate with full-time employees from 128 countries. The shift to location independence encourages the companies to hire the best talent in the world and enable them to join the venture from their respective location. The companies now are adopting a trend to create distributed, multi-national teams and outsmart the work challenges to achieve the business goals competently and effectively.

Remote proficiently manages payroll, benefits, taxes, legalities and compliance in one power-packed solution globally. The COVID-19 situation necessitated growth in the remote work environment and with Remote platform, hiring a vendor or a full-time employee in another country is simplified. 

Remote continues to create the modules for connecting people with organizations and enable employers to recruit talent from any country or location.

Villi Iltchev, Partner at Two Sigma Ventures, stated that over the past few years they had witnessed a once in a generational shift to remote work, but companies very quickly realize how complex,  and time consuming it is to employ people in different countries. Making payroll, providing benefits, and adherence to local employment laws turns out too risky or overwhelming to most organizations. Addressing this problem globally and making it possible to employ anybody in any country is extremely powerful appreciative.

CEO and co-founder Job van der Voort stated that to hire someone in another country legally is critical. One needs to create a local entity, learn about local labour laws, generate the local payroll and appoint a local attorney to create a compliant employment contract. All this procedure is tedious, and it’s prohibitively expensive. Job van der Voort with Marcelo worked together at globally distributed companies before establishing Remote, and they saw a massive opportunity in simplifying global payroll and compliance through technology, and by building an innovative global infrastructure.”

Remote differs and leads because it has its global infrastructure and doesn’t need to depend on third parties to magnify business objectives for its customers. Job van der Voort says “Running our own global infrastructure means that we can be faster, more reliable and flexible.”

“We are energized and proud to enable any employer, both startups and enterprises, to accelerate their business growth and access a global talent pool quickly and efficiently, especially during these challenging and unprecedented times,” adds co-founder Marcelo Lebre.

About Remote

Remote Technology, Inc aimed at creating a common platform for hiring talent worldwide and named the platform as Remote. Founded in 2019 in San Francisco by Job van der Voort (former VP of Product at GitLab) and Marcelo Lebre (former VP of Engineering at Unbabel)  Remote is a fully distributed company with employees based in several different countries

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