Republic Capital Group has announced that it is investing in Creativemass, the U.S. and Australia based financial services software company which provides wealth management solutions through its flagship product, WealthConnect. Republic Capital Group is a leading firm specializing in providing investment banking services to the RIA, asset and wealth management communities.

WealthConnect is capable of delivering a unique, modern technical solution on leading CRM platform, Salesforce as it integrates with the foundational components of the CRM. This integration serves wealth and asset management, mortgage, insurance, broker, dealer, and accounting firms. 

John Langston, Managing Director of Republic Capital Group, seemed very positive while talking about the collaboration and said he believes WeathConnect and Creativemass will change the landscape of the industry. 

According to Michael Rouse, Founder & Managing Director of Creativemass, the investment from Republic Capital Group is an important strategic partnership, as it will help the company to expand into the U.S. market.

Jacob Schutt, a board member of Creativemass and Principal and CTO of San Francisco based Parallel Advisors, a premier wealth management firm, said that WealthConnect is ready to offer an industry-leading solution for client engagement and wide range of efficiencies which are mandatory for financial services firms eager to grow their businesses.

About Republic Capital Group

Republic Capital Group specializes in financial service platform, that is known for its investment banking services to the RIA, Asset and Wealth Management communities. The company serves firms throughout the country, and its clients include a number of industry leaders. Republic Capital Group offers securities through Chalice Capital Partners, LLC.

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About Creativemass

Creativemass was founded in 2017 focussing on simplifying processes for delivering financial services, using advanced technologies. The company has its base in three countries with six offices, and their current clients include some of the largest wealth management firms in the United Kingdom and Australia.

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