Ruby, the leading provider of live virtual reception and chat services, has announced the acquisition of Pure Chat. Pure Chat offers live self-chat applications and AI-enabled chat technology known as Artibot based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The acquisition strengthens Ruby’s position as a solution for customer engagement with smaller firms, offering lead capture and transaction connections to build trust, and providing continuous support across all areas of the consumer journey.

Increasing web traffic and growing consumer preferences, are becoming key factors for the buying decisions. 79% of users prefer live chat because their questions are answered instantly.  It is crucial to build a great deal of experience and a smooth transition between communications to remain competitive and meet customer needs.

Kate Winkler, CEO of Ruby, said that businesses have to meet consumers and also move customers through the sales funnel. Many customers begin to visit the website, receive key questions via chat, and then call for a completed transaction. Pure Chat has created a great customer experience, captured more business, and made the business owner more flexible.

Pure Chat enables Ruby to connect with small businesses – by phone and chat – and personalize the customer’s chat experience on a scale through all channels’ acquisition. Business owners may choose to speak directly to Pure Chat software customers or use Ruby Chat experts to interact live with customers.

Hamid Shojaee, CEO of Pure Chat, said that this acquisition provides a complete end-to-end customer experience that combines Ruby with their chat technology. Ruby and Pure Chat help the owners of small businesses to see how they talk without sacrificing their critical human connections.

About Ruby

Ruby has headquartered in Portland, Ore, and since 2003 Ruby has helped companies grow into the best small business to work as a Fortune magazine in the United States, Inc. More than 10,000 companies and their customers foster strong relationships – from first impressions to long-lasting loyalty.

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