SafeToNet Limited, a British cyber-safety company and one of the leading online protection forces for children’s safety, announces the acquisition of Content Watch Holdings, Inc., a USA-based company operated by Net Nanny. It is one of the world’s best-known and most prominent parental control firms. The company applies Artificial Intelligence and behavioral analytics to safeguard children by noticing threats such as cyberbullying, sextortion, abuse, and aggression. The status of Net Nanny is a household name in the US and Asia-Pacific. This acquisition boosts the role of SafeToNet as among the leading security technology companies in the world.

UK-based SafeToNet has been a recognized cybersecurity authority since its launch in 2017. An AI-powered safeguarding keyboard includes the award-winning SafeToNet software that automatically contextualizes messages being sent. Threats of harassment and violence are identified and filtered by technology, which ultimately protects a child’s privacy rights.

This merger would significantly improve the US presence of SafeToNet, not least in the education market, where a derivative of its safeguard keyboard will be deployed on schools’ technology across the country. The cost of the deal has not been released yet. However, the project is part of the prerequisite plans of SafeToNet for a Series B investment round at the beginning of 2021, which will accelerate its rapid international expansion.

Richard Pursey, Group CEO of SafeToNet, stated that they are excited that Net Nanny has joined forces. He remarked that it is currently the world’s most recognized parental control business and is renowned for using deep technology and AI to filter harmful web content. Richard further anticipated significantly improve the protection of children online by putting their two products together.

Frank Fox, CEO of SafeToNet Americas, remarked that for quite some time, they have been in discussions with the leadership team of Net Nanny and regard them very highly. He stated that they both shared a common vision about how children can be kept healthy online. He also remarked that they both agreed that upholding a child’s privacy rights is essential to preserving the landscape.

About SafeToNet

SafeToNet is a British company with offices in London, San Francisco, Cologne, and Toronto for cybersecurity (Internet security). To help protect children by identifying threats such as cyberbullying, sextortion, violence, and hostility, the organization uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and behavioral analytics. SafeToNet Ltd. was founded in October 2013 by Richard Pursey, Sharon Pursey, Georgina Pursey, Jack Pursey, and Ted Hailey, and the products were first released in July 2017. Both the Google Play Android and iOS stores have SafeToNet Apps available.

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