Since the beginning of the pandemic in April last year, SCANTrivia, a widely known virtual event gamification platform, has helped push interaction at virtual conferences and other events. Throughout the last 12 months, engagement has been a significant obstacle for events transitioning to virtual. SCANTrivia had used its knowledge in this field to help planners when they needed it most.

Sean Fields, SCANVenger Hunt’s Director of Business Development stated that they were fortunate that their platform was already set up for virtual gamification. The assimilation was easy once the industry chose to move toward virtual conference alternatives.

The gamification platform that has previously been utilized at in-person events involves scanning codes with participants’ smartphones throughout the event and directing them to the related questions, so no additional downloads are required. It works well with virtual event platforms. It can be utilized for various occasions.

Event planners can collaborate with speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors, to include QR codes throughout their virtual environment and reward guests with points for partaking and responding to questions.

Tina Mercardo, Meetings & Events Director at NAFA Fleet Management Association, saw up close the strength of SCANTrivia when NAFA used it for their annual event in 2020, which was held digitally. They saw excellent results after using the gamification tool to substitute their lead retrieval system. She stated that they got 20% of the nearly 1,000 guests to participate in SCANTrivia, which is tremendous for a first-time program for them. They had about 5,500 interaction points — either they responded to a question or clicked on a link — accounting for 25% of our total expo hall interactions.

Another benefit of SCANTrivia virtual gamification is the monitoring after the event. It involves statistics such as how many clicks an exhibitor’s video achieved and is significant for demonstrating event ROI.

They were ecstatic because this is a tangible metric in a virtual conference setting, and invitees are just not used to measuring ROI in this setting, added Mercardo.

The SCANTrivia team will assist event organizers every step of the way, guaranteeing that they get the most from their event planning and execution.

SCANTrivia can support both digital and in event formats and provide the versatility required to connect hybrid audiences as the events sector progresses towards an unpredictable future.

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