SecureKloud Technologies, a world leader in cloud services and AWS and Google Premier Partner, recently announced the launch of four premium platforms based on its 14+ years of experience working with over 400 large enterprises. The platforms are designed to make digital transformation smarter and smoother for companies of all sizes worldwide at reduced costs.

CloudEdge, DataEdge, Neutral Zone, and Blockedge will be the four platforms. DataEdge will boost enterprises with data-driven decision-making, while CloudEdge will speed cloud implementation in a highly automated, secure, and compliant manner. Blockedge is an end-to-end blockchain network management platform for building and scaling enterprise blockchains faster, whereas Neutral Zone will power frictionless data sharing and cooperation with full IP control. These platforms are API-driven and built on Microservices, which would cut operating expenses by 80% and save time by 70%.

Built on its cloud capabilities and extensive experience, the next-generation platforms will make the future digital transformation journey simpler, quicker, and more reliable in response to expanding market expectations. Some of the Fortune 500 firms have used their automated solutions to remain ahead of the curve and outperform their competitors. This will now be accessible to all large and small businesses, remarked Suresh Venkatachari, Chairman and CEO of SecureKloud Technologies.

The platforms are built on strategic innovation and sophisticated technologies to help organizations of all sizes achieve digital transformation. They are devoted to ongoing innovation that enables organizations to lead in a digital-first environment, and they are trusted for their value creation, competence, and adaptability, stated Anand Kumar, Chief Revenue Officer at SecureKloud Technologies.

SecureKloud will provide customers with cutting-edge digital experiences through a platform-oriented approach, strong partnerships, top-tier industry certifications, and proven cloud operations. The corporation intends to increase customer acquisitions by up to 200 percent on a quarterly basis.

About SecureKloud Technologies Inc.

SecureKloud is a prominent provider of global IT business transformations, secure cloud operations, and solutions situated in the San Francisco Bay area and a publicly traded firm on Indian stock exchanges. The company is an ISO 27001 accredited cloud service provider and a 3rd party audited Next-Gen AWS MSP Partner, AWS Premier Partner, and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Premier Partner.

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