, a preeminent provider of SEO services to businesses worldwide, has recently announce the launch of a its new backlink checker tool that allows companies to examine their own and competitors’ backlinks for free using a simple web user interface.

Samuel Edwards, CMO of, described that users could acquire the information they need concerning quality and poisonous links that may have been pointed to a website by using a free backlink checker. He added that it’s one of many crucial techniques to figure out why your competitors’ websites are outranking yours.

About Backlink Checker Tool 

A backlink checker is an internet tool that examines a website’s backlinks. There are various backlink checker programs accessible. However, has a single Backlink Checker Tool for search engine optimization that covers everything. Many SEO professionals have utilized this tool to check their competitors’ backlinks and analyze the backlinks on their sites.

The backlink checker tool is a simple box on your website that allows people to verify your website’s backlinks. Do you want to find out if your website has a backlink issue before Google penalizes you? This backlink checker tool will display the links heading to your website and their impact on your SEO.

The MOZ API is used by the company’s backlink tool, giving users assurance that the link data they’re getting is up-to-date and as precise as possible.

The business expects to release more backlink tools in the following weeks, including tools for analyzing broken connections.


The SEO professionals at have over ten years of experience in the field and have a thorough understanding of Google’s algorithm. The team can assist one with optimizing their website to rank well on search engine result pages since they are an experienced and well-trained group of professionals. They understand that each organization is at a distinct stage of development, and as a result, they provide the best SE services.

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About is a Seattle, Washington-based custom software development firm. For organizations and enterprises, their qualified software developers create specialized applications. They also provide a free consultation to analyze one’s company’s needs. DEV. Co’s engineers collaborated closely with’s engineers to produce the tool that uses the MOZ API to check backlinks.

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