Shop Smart Autos Founder and CTO, Richie Bello, announced new improvements to his dealer services section that would help businesses reach new heights. Bello turned on the recruitment campaign to enroll an “A-team” for business growth once the platform was finished and ready for dealers and the Free Trial program began to convert. Starting with Malinda Barrett, Shop Smart Autos’ new President, the organization will benefit from her expertise as the owner of multiple automotive and lead generation companies. What began as a partnership between Shop Smart Autos and Barrett’s agency has evolved into Malinda overseeing Shop Smart Autos Dealer Services Division. Barrett will be in charge of the division’s day-to-day operations and its expansion, with her assistance for enterprise car dealer groups, team overall performance, and collaboration with the division’s business development team. Vic Turselli, Chief Sales Officer for Shop Smart Autos, is in charge of that group. Turselli has decades of experience in lead generation and team building, having helped many of his previous firms achieve extraordinary success. Turselli not only adds his managerial expertise to the table but he’s also sought the help of some of the industry’s best.

Shop Smart Autos was created by Bello as a smooth delivery solution for buyers while also provided dealers with an exclusive, non-shared lead with customers related to the dealer’s VIN-specific inventory. The organization conducts its “proof of concept” with a FREE Trial program that allows dealers to test the system without any obligations. Dealers have been trying the platform and obtaining leads while the company works with the dealer to maximize their ROI. The platform provides only VIN-specific changes with a greater conversion rate and leads that are not shared with other dealerships.

About Shop Smart Autos is proud to offer an unrivaled inventory of over 9 million vehicles sourced daily from national dealer feeds and private sellers. Enter the make and model of the automobile you’re looking for to see how many offers are available and whether they’re within driving distance of your home or delivered to your doorstep.

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