Cambridge Pixel, a radar software experts announced the use of its SPx AV software in COVID-19 raised temperature detection system of Silent Sentinel, daylight and thermal imaging solutions based developer.

COVID-19 raised temperature detection system developed by engineers at Silent Sentinel’s headquarters in Stanstead Abbotts, England, needed the support of an application software displaying the data from its cameras within a security Video Management System (VMS).

James Longcroft, Business Development Director, Silent Sentinel, stated that Cambridge Pixel is prominent for being responsive, flexible, and delivering on their promises, they have exceeded the expectations by delivering a working solution on time and to estimates. Silent Sentinel’s engineers have worked with Cambridge Pixel previously.

COVID-19 raised temperature detection system from Silent Sentinel have the capabilities of automatic face detection, temperature measurement, and alarm reporting, based on a coalition of daylight and thermal imaging cameras. This new application software by Cambridge Pixel’s SPx suite of software libraries interfaces to the cameras, aiding to identify faces, measure the skin temperature, and give an alarm if an out-of-range temperature is observed.

This system works on the snapshot images captured by two cameras for out-of-range temperature detection that can be stored locally or delivered to a wide area control system for further review and action. This temperature detection system furnishes a flexible range of configuration options for Silent Sentinel’s customer base, operating with different thermal and daylight cameras, with an added ability to record full video data and alarms.

“We are really pleased to be involved with the development of this new product to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic” said David Johnson, Cambridge Pixel’s CEO. He further added that the development of a customized software solution within a short period and its on-time delivery was made possible with the use of SPx AV library of reusable components for camera control, processing, and display.

The SPx AV software implements highly resilient, arranged software products for visualization, radar scan conversion, radar video distribution, target tracking, camera control, sensor fusion, plot extraction, and clutter processing, which is an indispensable part of Cambridge Pixel’s SPx suite of software libraries and applications.

Cambridge Pixel’s technology has served for air traffic control, vessel traffic, naval, security, surveillance, and airborne radar applications. Companies such as Frontier Electronic Systems, Blighter Surveillance Systems, Exelis, Kelvin Hughes, Lockheed Martin, Navtech Radar, Hanwha Systems, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Saab Sensis, Sofresud and Tellumat, Royal Thai Air Force, implemented its systems and software in mission critical applications.

About Silent Sentinel

Silent Sentinel designs and manufactures homeland security sector targeted best-in-class surveillance platforms. The latest electro-optical sensors including, ultra-lowlight cameras, long-range cooled and uncooled thermal cameras, SWIR cameras, and illumination technologies integrate with this platform. Its cameras are manufactured in the UK, specifically designed to sustain the harsh and challenging circumstances linked with the protection of critical infrastructure.

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About Cambridge Pixel

Cambridge Pixel is a sensor processing and displays solutions developer, serving with display components for military and commercial radar applications, primary and secondary radar interfacing and processing. The company is situated in the UK, concurrently performing worldwide since 2007.

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