Sincera, a prominent data management solutions supplier, has announced the release of 1Data, their new and improved data management platform. 1Data will be a critical tool for enterprises to operationalize data management functions, institutionalize data governance, and expedite digital projects as the number and complexity of company data grows.

According to Ovum Research, poor data quality loses businesses at least 30% of their income. 1Data has achieved considerable operational cost reduction and improved key business indicators in the telecom market, where it was first introduced.

1Data has reduced provisioning intervals, improved service assurance metrics, and increased customer satisfaction by effectively managing data quality. It allowed a customer to adjust quickly to changing technologies and data landscapes during the 5G deployment.

According to Sanjay Jain, MD of Sincera, their new and upgraded platform 1Data is targeted at empowering the average business user to cleanse, integrate, analyze, and share their corporate data to automate processes, evaluate, and improve business KPIs.

1Data enables customers to ingest data from various sources and systems, develop and manage their processes, add Machine Learning augmented rules, and continuously produce measurable results. Their rule libraries encompass data-driven business expertise, allowing key, knowledgeable people to concentrate on the company’s strategic ambitions rather than dealing with day-to-day operational challenges.

Given the importance of data in businesses, 1Data offers a scalable and adaptable solution that allows firms to utilize data as a strategic asset to acquire reliable business insight and accelerate digitalization.

About Sincera

Sincera is a US-based firm that uses its 1Data platform to deliver data-driven solutions and services. Sincera interacts with its customers and partners throughout the world to plan, develop, and execute solutions that offer measurable business gains. 

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