Sisense, the industry leader in analytics platform for builders, during its quarterly release announced the introduction of new AI natural capabilities throughout the platform to facilitate easier data driven decision making. This new advancement is said to empower its users with profound understanding of complex data, irrespective of where it may be located. 

The revolutionary developments in Natural Language Processing (NLP) are said to act as a catalyst to drive better search engines, intuitive chatbots, and digital assistants. Due to deeper understanding of data with the help of NPL, business intelligence and the adoption of analytics are expected to see a significant amount of growth. This tool is expected to balance out the needs of end-users with the technical teams all the while simplifying the digital transformation.

Sisense Natural Language Query (NLQ) with a Google-like interface provides non-technical users with the opportunity to traverse the data despite of them not being familiar with the data structure. To access, the user simply has to type in a query and instantly, numerous results showing suggestions and personalized recommendations will pop-up on the screen. The foundations of these recommendations are the users’ past searches and their usage pattern. This type of technological enhancement also helps save time and enables the collection of industry relevant data.

Praising Sisense’s NLQ, Manager of Information Services at Indiana Donor Network, Bill Janczak has stated that with the help of Sisense NLQ, they are able to invest their time and energy in the strategic needs of their business. With Sisense NLQ enabling them to bring the power of analytics to the front seat of their business, it is now easier for them to focus on their long-term goals which is giving the gift of life.

In addition to this, Sisense is also offering its new Embedded Playground which will allow developers of all kinds to go through Sisense embedding and customization facilities without writing any codes.  Accessible to anybody and everybody on a public domain, the ultimate aim of the Sisense Embedded Playground is to equip the interested user with the knowledge of data-driven decision making. 

Sisense is not only making it easier for developers to see the real value of their data but also helping to create new revenue systems for the betterment of the business or product. With new releases like Sisense Premium, Ingestion Connectors for Cloud Data Teams, a new MongoDB connector and Open ID Connect for SSO, Sisense continues to invest in enterprise needs.

About Sisense

Headquartered in New York City, Sisense delivers real business insights. Empowered by the knowledge provided by Sisense, developers are able to manage their business more efficiently. Founded in 2004, Sisense now serves over 2,000 customers worldwide. To name a few of its more prominent users, Philips, Tinder, GeriMedica, Nastaq, the Salvation Army etc.

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Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date April 24, 2020

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