Skillsoft and SumTotal declared certain fundamental changes for their annual learning event, Perspectives 2020.  This year it will be entirely digital. Known for its global prominence as it held in different countries around the world each year. The virtual experience for the global attendees will run for 24 hours on 13th May.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, businesses decide to limit travel, and as a result, companies such as Skillsoft and SumTotal have decided to go digital. The business leaders across organizations and industries are coming up with this one-of-a-kind event to set the standard for global conferences, which can be translated into a global digital experience.

Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek, the Skillsoft CMO, said “The safety of our customers and employees is paramount, and we have a responsibility to do what’s best for Perspectives attendees.” According to him, digital learning is the core of their business, and moving to an entirely virtual and global experience is nothing but a natural extension of what the company does every day.

The reimagined and the first digital event Perspectives 2020 will be held on 13th May, start at 9 a.m. AEST in Sydney (7 p.m. EDT on 12th May) and will end the day at 4 p.m. PDT in San Francisco (7 p.m. EDT on 13th May). This 24-hour interactive content will include head-to-head live debates on current topics, keynotes from pioneers of learning, and actionable approaches to building a learning-obsessed culture.

Boockoff-Bajdek seemed very enthusiastic as he thought this is the apt opportunity to change the thinking and see the possibility to go digital entirely. According to him, the digital transformation can transform the ways we work, collaborate, and learn to make business continuity possible and requisite. It will broaden the Perspective’s experience with a live and digital event, which will democratize learning, engaging executive sessions, providing access to interactive keynotes, and exclusive content to the learners around the world.

About Skillsoft

Skillsoft is one of the leading names in the comprehensive selection of cloud-based corporate learning content. It includes courses, videos, books, and other resources on Leadership Development, Business Skills, Digital Transformation, Technology & Developer, and Compliance. This company helps other companies to unlock the potentiality of their most valuable asset, which is their employees by offering engaging content and powerful technology. It drives the business impact for modern enterprises. Skillsoft offers three award-winning systems that support learning, performance, and success through Skillsoft learning content, provided through the Percipio intelligent learning experience platform and the SumTotal suite for Talent Development.

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