Slate Asset Management (Slate), a top-tier real estate asset management platform, recently announced that it determines to extend up to $500 million of transitional capital that will provide liquidity to the Canadian real estate industry. This strategy would specifically assist those who got affected by the COVID-19, causing market disruption.

With rapid execution and closing certainty, Slate provides its customers with Bridge and Transitional Lending Solutions, Acquisition and Restructuring of Loans, and Flexible Liquidity Solutions. Under Bridge and Transitional Lending Solutions, Slate will serve borrowers on recent purchases and refinancings, allowing a mix of whole and junior loans once the financing environment tightens. With lenders facing impaired performing and non-performing loans as well as securities, Slate will work to re-package their existing positions, under Acquisition and Restructuring of Loans. And to assist in maintaining balance sheets where current debt or equity is constrained, Slate will utilize the preferred capital for assets, funds, and sponsors, under Flexible Liquidity Solutions for Assets, Funds, and Sponsors. 

Founder of Slate, Blair Welch, said that his company had analysed an immediate opportunity to offer transitional capital to the Canadian real estate market, combining credit and structured equity. Slate’s investment platform, institutional relationships, and operational proficiency uniquely position the firm to address this gap. 

Doug Podd in his early career, worked as a private real-estate investor leading the North American finance team. Also, in the past, Doug has served in Brookfield Financial’s debt advisory business as Canadian Lead, where he directly established, excess of $4.5 billion of real estate and infrastructure debt. Right after getting associated with the strategy unveiling, Slate appointed Doug Podd as Managing Director in the Toronto office, Recently, Doug got associated with Slate after gaining more than 25 years of experience in commercial real estate borrowing.  

Welch added that his team is glad to welcome Doug to the firm. Doug’s debt advisory and commercial lending practice in the Canadian real estate market would add significant value to this strategy. 

About Slate Assessment Management

Established in Toronto, Slate holds expertise and creativity in every aspect of real estate. With over $6.5 billion of AUM across Canada, the U.S, and Europe, the company manages two publicly-listed REITs (Slate Office REIT and Slate Retail REIT), private equity funds bridging opportunistic and value-add strategies, and a core-focused institutional separate accounts business. 

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