SlickText, a well-known pioneer in text messaging, has launched Workflows and made them accessible to its clients. The new technology automates sequences that marketers may utilize to provide clients with a sophisticated and highly tailored SMS experience depending on their activity. Customers can construct customizable workflows using a simple drag-and-drop interface without needing any coding expertise and experience. Workflows allow marketers to incorporate complex, intent-driven conversational sequences, so the solution does the heavy lifting.

Marketers seek and need to create hyper-targeted content and data at scale in behavior-driven campaigns without losing touch with each user’s unique features. This is the next phase of marketing segmentation, where each person feels like a segment of one. Budget cuts and resource constraints have resulted in a scarcity of time, funds, and experience. Brands can streamline touchpoints while giving a genuinely one-to-one, customer-to-brand experience via text messaging with SlickText’s new Workflows service. It’s also simple to use; instead of taking hours or days to plan and implement sophisticated campaigns, marketers can do so in minutes.

The next wave of text marketing innovation will be propelled by the expansion of automation and data-based abilities. SlickText’s CEO and CTO, Matt Baglia, remarked that Workflows combines ease of use and program scalability.  Brands may now create long, complicated text marketing journeys. Their platform includes capabilities for ongoing campaign improvement, ensuring that SlickText users are always on track for success. Marketers want to give their customers unique brand experiences, and Workflows makes personalization and trigger-based communication easier and efficient than ever.

Lead nurturing, and engagement campaigns, intelligent abandoned cart sequencing, and drip campaigns are just a few of the campaigns and tasks that SlickText’s versatile workflow software can execute. From data collecting and loyal customer touchpoints to new lead interaction, these campaigns and prospective use cases serve a range of goals across the customer lifecycle. Intelligent abandoned cart sequencing, for example, allows marketers to target customers based on factors like order history and interaction metrics, allowing them to create customized offers and marketing flows.

Gathering information is now completely automatic, eliminating the need for team members to manage and input the data. Clint Davenport, Co-Founder of the online business Onyx & Oak, remarked that they get the information they need while saving time.  After using Workflows, they experienced a 45 percent boost in monthly sales from SMS marketing alone.

Workflows provide robust reporting and analysis tools in addition to a wide range of sequence options and campaign customization. Marketers can use the platform’s analytics dashboard to gain insight from several information, such as performance indicators, click-through rates, and cart recovery analytics. Brands may use the analytics dashboard to examine each automation and observe what’s going on at each marketing campaign stage. Workflows data can be accessed in-stream as it is analyzed for each automation, and brands may utilize it to change campaigns at any stage or intervals.

About SlickText

SlickText is the most popular text messaging service. SlickText has been transforming text messaging into a significant competitive edge for businesses since 2012. SlickText has already assisted over 177,000 clients across North America, including ESPN, the American Cancer Society, and FedEx. To foster relationships, use data, and get outcomes, they employ SlickText’s award-winning software. G2 Crowd has recognized SlickText as a 2021 High Performer, and it is a past Technology Innovator of the Year. The corporation has offices in both Jamestown, New York, and Nashville, Tennessee.

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