Sonero, a technology corporation that enables businesses to improve meeting effectiveness through AI-driven insights and workplace productivity assistance, has raised $300,000 in funding.

During the global pandemic, the transition from in-person to virtual conferences allowed for capturing and analysing interactions on a level never seen before. Kanish Raajkumar, Founder and CEO at Sonero, saw this as a once-in-a-lifetime advantage to assist corporations to operate more effective meetings.  Sonero captures and transcribes corporation meetings into intelligent summaries that include main takeaways and action points using cutting-edge AI technology. Sonero provides a comprehensive and customizable alternative to drive efficiency by providing valuable insights, a centralized knowledge base, and the potential to exchange and interact with their team.

Sonero has raised $300,000 in a pre-seed session headed by successful entrepreneur and angel investor Jeff Wald to optimize development and product innovation. Eddie Lou, Co-Founder of Shiftgig and Board Director of The Mom Project; Talbott Simonds, Managing Director of Tondern Capital; Lance Neuhauser, President of Mediaocean and Former CEO of 4C Insights; and Paul Childerhose, Founder of Maple Peak Group are among the other notable investors.

The COVID-19 conference has transformed the way consumers work. Many businesses have embraced that knowledge workers will not be in the office five days per week, Wald said. As clients expand their remote workforces, Sonero will encourage teamwork and collaboration for them.

According to Upwork’s recent “Future Workplace Pulse Report,” the percentage of remote employees will approximately double by 2025, compared to what it was before COVID-19. Kanish Raajkumar, further stated, their technology is configured to assist businesses to find ways to standardize their meetings and gives clients innovative and interactive agendas and advanced analytics and meeting synopses.  Many of Sonero’s clients have also used technology to make client meetings more efficient and manage the project. They believe they have discovered a substantial potential market and are looking forward to improving their product.

The global pandemic gave them a springboard for development and revealed an advantage for their customers to use innovative AI technology to improve their meetings and workforce performance, says Raajkumar. The Royal Bank of Canada, Brand Together, Ignition Capital, and Pure Leaf Farms are among Sonero’s clients.

About Sonero

Sonero is a meeting insights technology company that is powered by artificial intelligence. Sonero transcribes business meetings into intelligent synopses that include important insights and action items, thanks to its Zoom integration. Employees get actionable information, a centralised knowledge base, and more opportunities to share and collaborate after meetings with Sonero.

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