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SteriView® Technologies, an Instrument Inspection System, announced the launch of its Software as a Service (SaaS). The system has been developed by the world-leading provider of modern visual electrophysiology solutions, Diopsys. The company aims to maintain patient safety by reducing outbreaks of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections that are caused by device-related transmission in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers worldwide.

SteriView® Technologies is currently manufacturing and selling its medical/surgical inspection systems, including 1.8mm SteriCam™ MIC (modular inspection camera). With Infection Control Standards, the company is advancing compliance by enabling the direct visual inspection of spaces that are difficult to reach within endoscopes and similar medical devices. 

The new Software as a Service (SaaS) will come with an annual subscription fee of $99. A one-year license file will automatically be created for the users with a one-year expiration date. The service will also allow new updates and licensing with new entries in the database. 

The SteriView® Inspection System catalogs, auto-dates, and time-stamps images. Jerry Katzman, MD, Chairman, President, and CEO of SteriView® Technologies, believes that with the help of this new invention, the technicians will complete their inspections in less time with more confidence.

Designed and developed in California, SteriView® Technologies are manufactured in the USA by ADM Tronics (ADMT) of Northvale, New Jersey. It is a 50-year-old, SO 13485 Certified manufacturing company. 

About SteriView® Technologies, Inc.

SteriView® Technologies is an Instrument Inspection System that advances compliance with Infection Control Standards through direct visual inspection of hard to visualize defects. The SteriView® Infection Control System features the SteriCam™ line of Inspection Cameras. This system acts as the most critical asset in the fight against healthcare-associated device-related infections.

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