SGTech, an Israel based multidisciplinary clean-tech and renewable energy company was recently awarded by Frost & Sullivan with the 2019 European Technology Innovation Award for its game-changing and sustainable livestock waste management solution – Integrated Ecosystem Solution. 

Being a biological process waste management process, IES combines enhanced biogas production with simultaneous elimination of nutrients from livestock manure and sludge. This chemical-free process allows the generation of biogas with 65 percent of methane content, which leads to 30 percent higher energy as compared to the one produced using usual anaerobic digestion solutions. 

Every year, Frost & Sullivan, a business consulting company involved in market research and analysis, growth strategy consulting, and corporate training, grants this award to the firm that has orchestrated a product with innovative features and functionalities that is readily accepted in the market. 

The award recognizes the quality of the solution and the customer value enrichments it enables. For this, the Industry analysts evaluate market participants and measure performance through thorough interviews, scrutiny, and far-reaching secondary research to discover the best practices in the industry.

The IES has proven to be a complete solution for livestock farms due to it being a chemical free procedure using only specific microbial process. Owing to the fact that phosphorus and nitrogen have a vast number of uses in agricultural applications, it is vital to recover these from wastewater resources. With this becoming the key scheme for sustainable management of global nutrient use, the IES also goes on to eradicate the risk of cost fluctuations by creating the option to reuse the solid nutrients as fertilizers and the liquid effluent to be spread directly in soils. 

Talking about the recent development, Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, Vijay Wilfred stated that SGTech’s process enables nutrient management and utilization of phosphorus and nitrogen (upto 90 percent removal) from the digestate so that they can be sustainably reused. Moreover, the processes that they follow are in compliance with the limitations regarding phosphorus/nitrogen loading in farmable lands. He further elaborates that the overall SGTech’s IES exhibits a future-ready technique for the sustainable management of cattle farming waste that will go on to help customers save money and resources while safeguarding people and the planet. 

About SGTech

Founded in 2015, Sustainable Green Technologies strives to address environmental issues resulting from improper waste management in the livestock industry. Born out of the desire to build a more sustainable world, SGTech has developed innovations in nutrient recovery, integrated biogas solutions, and water recycling, throughout the years that it has been active. They are now towards the path of orchestrating custom-made treatment plants that best go well with each farm’s specific needs.

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About Frost & Sullivan 

Founded in 1961, Frost & Sullivan empowers clients to accelerate growth and attain best-in-class positions in growth, innovation and leadership. The company’s Growth Partnership Service provides the CEO and the CEO’s Growth Team with regimented research and top-notch practice models to drive the production, evaluation, and execution of powerful growth strategies. With an experience of 60 years, they cater to Global 1000 companies, startups and investment communities from more than 40 offices in 6 continents. 

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