A leading digital marketing solutions provider, Creative Realities, Inc. (CRI) has recently announced an agreement with SYNNEX Corporation, a globally acknowledged company for business process services, to supply the CRI Thermal Mirror in the U.S. The CRI Thermal Mirror is well crafted to serve the basic need of temperature screening.

The thermal screening market suddenly got into demand due to the COVID-19 situation, furthering the need for different solutions to help customers make smart purchasing decisions. It is customer experience, and reporting capabilities of the product which are highly customizable to suit the individual needs of each business customer and CRI Thermal Mirror fulfils all the requirements. The centralized, AI-enabled software platform virtually supports all workflows and related conditions and scales easily for enterprise deployment.

Sandi Stambaugh, Vice President, Product Management, SYNNEX said that CRI Thermal Mirror offers a comprehensive and yet intuitive technology solution for their customers by pairing elegant hardware with powerful software. It will support their end-users’ need for ‘Return to Work’ solution. CRI’s platform is capable of log and reports on important KPIs to affirm corporate adherence to essential compliance requirements. The collaboration further enhances the innovative array of products SYNNEX offers customers to solve some of today’s most pressing business challenges.

According to Rick Mills, Chief Executive Officer of Creative Realities, partnering with SYNNEX marks a significant step forward as they scale distribution efforts to meet the growing demand for thermal screening products. It offers a road-tested solution for any organization which is serious about addressing the complicated challenge of safely operating a business amid COVID-19. Currently, many units are already in the field. With hundreds of Thermal Mirror units in stock and ready to ship, SYNNEX is prepared to help businesses get up and running quickly.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Executive Team of Creative Realities hosts webinars at 3 p.m. EDT to educate businesses about the importance of thermal monitoring in the workplace. One can register for an upcoming webinar, or download the archived video tutorials and webiners to enlighten people more about how Thermal Mirror can help maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

About Creative Realities, Inc.

Founded over 15 years ago, Creative Realities supports clients with digital marketing solutions through the latest omnichannel technologies such as SaaS and support services for more than fifteen diverse vertical markets for better customer experience. CRI designs, develops and deploys consumer experiences for high-end enterprise-level networks, and is actively providing recurring, including Automotive, Advertising Networks, Convenience Stores, Apparel & Accessories, Foodservice/QSR, Theater, Gaming, Stadium Venues, etc. The Company acquired Allure Global Solutions, Inc. in November 2018, expanding the Company’s operations to five offices across North America with active involvements in more than ten countries.

For more information, visit: https://cri.com

About SYNNEX Corporation

SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX) is listed in Fortune 200 corporation and is a leading business process services company that offers an inclusive range of distribution, logistics and integration services for the technology industry. It provides outsourced services focused on customer engagement to a broad range of enterprises. Connected with the placement of a wide-ranging of information technology systems and products, SYNNEX is also responsible for systems design and integration solutions. Initiated in 1980, SYNNEX Corporation operates in numerous countries throughout North and South America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

For more information, visit: https://www.synnexcorp.com

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