Syxsense on 25 June 2020, announced its partnership with Excalibur Data Systems for helping IT and security teams from cyber threats by identifying, diagnosing and patching the difficulties as and when they arise. Syxsense is the world’s first IT management and security solution company that works by combining vulnerability scanning, EDR capabilities and patch management, whereas Excalibur Data Systems is a known leader in IT service management and enterprise service management solutions.

Gene Kim, Director of Channel at Syxsense said, “Our partnership with Excalibur Data Systems allows them to add an enterprise-level IT management and security solution to the suite of services they offer. We look forward to successfully deliver projects together to empower customers and protect their businesses.”

Michael Fuson, VP of Excalibur Data Systems is equally excited to collaborate with Syxsense as he looks forward to bring down the number of threats to their customers. He said, “This technology is critical to protecting businesses from cyberattacks while collaborating with IT management, and we want to stay ahead of the curve.

Syxsense provides automated device quarantine, real-time alerting, malicious process monitoring and live-data to ensure proper functioning in roaming or network devices. In order to protect the clients’ devices from known threats, Syxsense builds baseline resistance against them with the latest software and security patches, based on real-time cloud endpoint management technology. Syxsense fuses the scanning capacity of a security and vulnerability scanner by expanding the management capabilities of an IT management solution, delivered from the cloud.

About Syxsense:

Syxsense is a leader in proving innovative and intuitive technology solutions in any location, inside or outside the network, including cloud. It merges the functions of artificial intelligence and industry expertise to prevent threats before they take place and neutralize them when they happen. Syxsense Endpoint Security cloud offers endpoint protection for all IT security problems to save their customers from potential threats and financial risks.

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About Excalibur Data Systems:

Founded in 1998, Excalibur Data Systems is known for specializing in ITSM and ESM solutions. Based in North America, it aims to help the customers in improving, aligning and automating their IT and business operations. Excalibur Data Systems has uniquely positioned itself to help their clients in planning, designing and implementing converge solutions to succeed in their IT and business processes. 

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