Taboola, the world’s leading discovery & native advertising platform announced latest integrations for Taboola News with some of the world’s largest mobile device manufacturers and carriers to bring COVID-19 news. These critical COVID-19 updates from trusted sources would be easily accessible to its millions of users on their devices. 

CEO of Taboola, Adam Singolda has stated that during the times of global pandemic, knowledge is power. The more knowledge one has about COVID-19 critical updates and stories, the more they can prepare themselves for the battleground. Taboola’s partnership with world’s largest mobile carriers and manufactures such as América Móvil has taken place keeping in mind the power of quality journalism. According to Taboola, in the tentative moments of crisis like these, news should be omnipresent. One should be able to have hassle-free access to all the information related to COVID-19.

Taboola News is hoping to raise public awareness and promote consumer health messages in several ways which includes linking Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for the user’s perusal. This new development will not only generate relevant news updates but also help the publishers to drive helpful content easily. Taboola News distributes quality content from its premium publisher partners into mobile and other user touch-points in order to build new prospects for user engagement and generate revenue for device manufactures, publishers, mobile carriers and brands.

About Taboola

Founded in 2007 by Adam Singolda, Taboola is an advertising company featuring what is new and interesting, around the world. The company was formed in Israel and initially gave a recommendation engine for video content. Now with a staggering worth of somewhere between 1-10 billion USD, Taboola uses machine learning algorithms to process thousands of signals to help users find relevant articles, blogs, news, apps, products and videos. Serving over 20,000 companies to reach more than 1.4 billion people on a monthly basis, Taboola is used by publishers as well as mobile carriers to drive user engagement and monetization. A few big names that have strong collaborations with Taboola are NBC News, USA TODAY, CNBC, Business Insider, Huffington Post etc. 

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