Tamr, the enterprise-scale data unification company, recently announced that their data mastering solutions run natively on the foremost cloud-providers, namely,  Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure. The expansion of cloud-native capabilities and hosted solutions align with Tamr’s goal of making it easier for customers to harness the power of their data to derive business outcomes. 

This announcement was made during Tamr’s DataMasters Summit, which is the leading management and DataOps conference featuring data leaders from the most prominent organizations. During a keynote talk delivered by Chief Product Officer at Tamr, Anthony Deighton, he announced further investments in their hosted data mastering offering. According to him, this is a unique moment for organizations seeking a modern approach to getting the full potential out of their data stack.

Deighton went on to say that they are excited to be extending their association with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. This partnership will allow customers to move to the next stage of driving their data-driven business forward. Tamr’s comprehensive native-cloud was tested to determine its capabilities. The results show a staggering amount of decrease in annual costs (approximately 85%), which led to hundreds of thousands of dollars annual savings for large scale data mastering.

While talking about the latest development, Andy Palmer, CEO at Tamr, said that unlike the conventional way of data management that incurs high storage and hosting costs, Tamr’s cloud-native data mastering solutions helps keep the cost linear, all the while deriving more value from the data. May it be the beginning of a migration to the cloud or expanding scale of data mastering projects, Tamr supports the customer in every twist and turn of their transformational journey, Palmer concluded. 

To gain in-depth knowledge of leveraging the cloud as a building block, interested individuals can register for the free virtual summit on 7-8th October. Tune in to hear from data and analytics experts from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud for a series on Scaling Data in the Cloud.

About Tamr

Founded in 2012, Tamr’s patented software platform utilizes machine learning to unify and prepare data across various silos to offer ground-breaking business-changing insights. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Tamr is backed by industry leaders, including Toyota, GE, GSK, and many more.

For more information, visit: https://www.tamr.com

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