The Taplytics AI family’s first launch, Genius AI, enables advanced product teams to create personalized copy for any intended persona quickly. Marketing and product teams can use Genius AI to pick any text-based aspect on a webpage and obtain AI-powered copy recommendations to improve site conversion. Complete webpages can be personalized to communicate directly to any preferred persona or primary customers without jotting a single line of code or needing any resources to develop.

Businesses can use Taplytics’ Genius AI to write landing page copy for a wide range of personas, including retail customers, financial firms, food delivery customers, and much more. Businesses can use Genius AI to develop tailored experiences for any particular audience by using distinctive customer characteristics as inputs to the model.

According to Aaron Glazer, CEO of Taplytics, every enterprise company experiences the hurdle of scaling their marketing and product teams while simultaneously developing a comprehensive experimentation program. By eradicating bias and development bottlenecks with Taplytics’ Genius AI, Product Managers, and their teams can reflect on creating extraordinary product experiences.

The creation of no-code web experiments just certainly got a lot simpler with Genius AI, which comes with your own individual AI copywriter. Allow the results of one investigation to navigate them in determining which copy converts the best.  It is a click away from simplifying the experiment creation cycle. Teams can take a rational approach to understand more and optimize faster instead of wasting hours formatting and designing copy.

About Taplytics

Taplytics is a digital optimization platform that assists modern brands in standing out from the competition. Taplytics is an embedded solution that allows brands to enhance their web presence and push revenue by providing comprehensive cross-platform feature management and A/B testing for all client and server-side applications.

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