Spanish businesses growing technology needs will now receive a boost with Telefonica and Google Cloud entering into an agreement. This agreement, fostering the country’s digital transformation and advance 5G mobile edge computing, was announced on June 11, 2020 .

The alliance widens the scope of collaboration and signals a commitment that would support Spain’s economic recovery post COVID-19, as an accelerated digital transformation and proliferation of 5G technologies are vital to Spain’s economy. In order to gear up for the present and future digital challenges, businesses need an agile, scalable, secure and resilient telecommunications infrastructure.

In a bid to offer customers a comprehensive solution, Telefonica Tech’s looks to reinforce its cloud strategy, security, compliance and marketing plans that would provide businesses a comprehensive and unique experience. Telefónica’s robust infrastructure combined with Google Cloud’s mobile edgemarks the significance and relevance of cloud computing augurs well for the future of Spain’s telecommunications industry.

According to José María Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman & CEO Telefónica, owing to the current scenario, the dire straits the world finds itself in due to confinement and the exponential increase in remote work, online education and entertainment has suddenly turned the spotlight on the role of connectivity and digitalization would play in creating a more sustainable and inclusive future. The partnership with Google cloud will not only allow them to fulfill social commitments but also to promote their digital transformation and strengthen themselves for the future.

In its effort to continuously provide new services and tools to its global customer base, Telefonica will leverage Google Cloud services to boost its capabilities in areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), application development and data analytics.

Cited as the right alliance to rebuild the thriving Spanish businesses and economy, it will allow companies to be more competitive in an era of cloud services through adoption of sophisticated technology. They would gain an advantage via analytics, AI, Internet of Things (IOT) and edge computing.

The future foresees that businesses will have ample opportunities to use Google Cloud products with low latency, high performance and applications storage option in local cloud servers with the opening of a new Google Cloud region in Spain. Designed for high availability and segregated into three divisions acting as a buffer against service disruption, the region will launch their gamut of Google Cloud Platform products such as Compute Engine, Bigtable, Google Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, Cloud Storage, Spanner, and BigQuery. 

Not compromising on cyber security, compliance standards and data residency, particularly for those with specific data storage requirements, this investment will unleash the full potential of cloud computing based on Google Cloud’s AI technology for use of public administrations and enterprises.

April this year, both companies engaged in a cybersecurity agreement between ElevenPaths and Chronicle to bring more powerful and flexible managed security analytics services to enterprises in Europe and Latin America. A strategic collaboration entered in 2019 to include Google Cloud solutions in Telefonica B2B portfolio, has only moved from strength to strength. Google’s clout in the realm of cloud based services coupled with Telefonica’s commitment, this new agreement is a step forward in the direction of helping Spanish businesses and local administrations find new and innovative ways and contribute to Spain’s economic recovery.

“Helping businesses adapt to our changing world has been a big focus for Google, before and during the COVID-19 crisis,” said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet.

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A 100 percent listed company with stocks trading in Spanish stock market, in New York and Lima operates in Europe and Latin America. With a customer base of 42 million and as one of the largest telecommunications company in the world, Telefonica offers a wide range of fixed and mobile services for businesses and residential purposes.

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