TELUS International, a digital customer service pioneer that develops, creates, and produces next-generation technologies for multinational and innovative brands, has completed the previously discussed acquisition of Lionbridge AI, the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) subsidiary. On December 31, 2020, the contract was concluded. TELUS International is a branch of TELUS Group, a major telecom and information technology organization headquartered in Canada.

As the organizations collaborate to promote the increasingly evolving domain of artificial intelligence, Lionbridge AI will supplement TELUS International’s evolving range of next-generation digital solutions. The sale of Lionbridge AI will bolster Lionbridge’s determination to providing creativity for its core language customers throughout technology, life sciences, gaming, digital commerce, and more.

John Fennelly, CEO of Lionbridge, stated that Lionbridge’s AI  would merge with TELUS International’s advanced range of digital services to establish a new organization with a specific set of cutting-edge technology solutions. They thought this partnership was a definite culture match for their dynamic global team, considering the companies’ mutual dedication to workplace satisfaction and well-being, in addition to strengthening TELUS International’s go-to-market strategy. As part of TELUS International, they do not doubt that their AI team and growing community will proceed to prosper.

Mr. Fennelly further stated that the year 2021 would mark Lionbridge’s 25th anniversary. There is no better time for them to get back to the basics, take the lead in language transformation, and progress their partnerships with the customers. They are looking forward to what the future holds as they step into the next chapter and focus more on creativity, technology, and bringing new goods or services to market.

About Lionbridge

Lionbridge works with brands all around the world to tear down walls and create bridges. We’ve helped businesses communicate with their international clients and staff for over three decades by offering localization and translation services in more than 350 languages. We utilize the best human and artificial intelligence to understand that aligns with our client’s customers while we are committed to language studies. Lionbridge, based in Waltham, Massachusetts, has solution centers in 26 countries.

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