TerraPay, a global company for real-time payment infrastructure connecting banks and mobile wallets, has announced the appointment of Ron Vollebregt as the Chairman of its Board of Directors.

Ron joins Terrapay as a global entrepreneur who has more than 25 years of in-depth knowledge in Payments, mostly as a Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at GlobalCollect, a leading supplier of payment services globally. Following this, he has remained active in this industry by often suggesting both investors and payment companies. Presently, Ron also works as a Board Member of a Paris-based company SlimPay, which provides payment services for economy subscriptions. Of Yoco, which is based in Cape Town and addresses all online and offline payment requirements for South African Companies.

Besides all these Payment activities, Ron is an active angel investor focusing on Agriculture, primarily on local production of vegetables, coffee, spices, sales, and processing across various countries in Asia and Africa.

About this appointment, according to the Founder and CEO Ambar Sur, it was a very proud moment for their company to welcome Ron to their team of future gazers. With the digital payments ruling the market at the forefront, and Ron’s invaluable global experience in this field helps them upscale and meet the increasing demand and push financial inclusion in international communities.

Ron said that he was honored to be a part of such a strong team of experienced leaders with an insight to raise the bar in the digital payment environment consistently. He was looking forward to embarking on a journey of promising future at TerraPay by further strengthening their safe, robust, and scalable global payment infrastructure.

About TerraPay

TerraPay, a licensed global company for real-time payment infrastructure connecting banks and mobile wallets, provides cross border real-time payment service and solutions in a diverse pattern.

For more information, please visit: terrapay.com

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