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Apple Pie, an app for educators grades Pre-K-12 to network and share ideas privately and exclusively has officially launched. It is available in the iTunes App Store. The new platform is similar to most social media applications in that it includes profile information, a home feed, personal messages, as well as other features, but it is only for educators and teachers. Without non-teachers interfering, this tool enables educators to communicate comfortably and professionally.

Marissa Keim, the owner and founder of the Apple Pie app, stated that as a teacher, she wanted a way to communicate with other teacher educators on a platform that was exclusively for teachers. Since many educational institutions have migrated to remote learning, the teacher community is becoming heavily dependent on the interchange of guidance, insights, and simply venting.

The feature of Apple Pie helps make it well-organized and straightforward to utilize.  Consumers can organize their posts by topic and grade level, as well as tags, which act as search filters.  Subscribers will have an easier time finding posts that they are focused on as a result of this. Blogging, event planning, and lesson reviews are among the other functionalities.

After finding it difficult to engage with educators on other social networking sites without being interrupted by parents and students, Keim created Apple Pie. Apple Pie’s capacity to eradicate external clutter and conversations from a teacher’s working space makes it a distinctive and essential social forum.

About Apple Pie

Apple Pie’s mission is to support and empower educators by connecting them with one another. It was founded in 2020 by Marissa Keim, a Houston, Texas teacher. No one understands a career in education better than another educator, and as educators, they want to create an online platform that meets the unique needs of those in your field. They created Apple Pie with PK-12 educators in mind, so you can find ideas, advice, and a network of educators who understand precisely what you’re going through all-in-one place. It’s a great place to brag about how well your ninth-grade writing lesson went last week or to get advice on how to build a strong math foundation for your second-graders. It can be used to promote your store or to host a happy hour with your coworkers. Apple Pie is a recipe created by teachers for teachers. 

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