Cynet, the creator of the world’s first independent XDR platform, recently announced the 2021 CISO Challenge, which will test the cybersecurity team leader’s knowledge and understanding of real-world security topics. The test encompasses questions ranging from fundamental to advanced and the dangerous scenarios that organizations face daily. The contest can be participated by applying at, with the highest scoring entrant receiving USD 5,000.

Cynet has assembled a group of senior CISOs, specialists, and research scientists to create a brand-new test of advanced cybersecurity skills for the 2021 CISO Challenge. The contest will remain open for two weeks on the website. During this period, anybody can register and respond to questions, ranging from simple to more complex. There will be a list of 25 questions, each of which will be based on real-life situations rather than tidbits. Compliance and regulation, risk identification and assessment, threat and vulnerability management, measurements and metrics, and circumstances and ethical issues that most InfoSec management faces in the profession will all be addressed in the questionnaire.

The challenge begins at 8 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on May 5th and ends on May 21st (EDT) at 11:59 p.m. After the competition, the website will remain available for anybody to assess their skills, but no prizes will be awarded. It’s intended to be a fun way for security professionals to evaluate their level of knowledge and identify gaps, if any, in their command of cybersecurity. Because this is a competitive tournament, participants will be able to compare their results to those who have accepted the challenge. The grand prize of USD 5,000 will be awarded after the competition.

Eyal Gruner, Cynet CEO and Co-Founder commented that the CISO Challenge would be a high-energy, competitive tournament where InfoSec leaders can compare themselves to the best in the industry. The competition will go far beyond the coursebook and enable CISOs to do what they do best when the pressure is on.

Cynet is trying to respond to the industry’s requirement for more support and cooperation for CISOs at companies that aren’t in the Fortune 2000. The CISO Challenge is for information security representatives at organizations with significant threats but limited resources requiring additional automation levels to make productive and effective operational activities.

About Cynet

Cynet allows any organization to put its cybersecurity on autopilot, simplifying and optimizing its entire security operational activities while ensuring higher levels of accessibility and safety. This entity works irrespective of the size, expertise, assets of the security team, or the need for a multi-product security stack. It accomplishes this by natively centralizing the critical security technologies required to provide the organization with detailed security measures into a single, easy-to-use XDR platform; streamlining the manual investigation process and remediation across the environment; and offering a proactive MDR service – tracking, independent inquiry, on-demand assessment, incident response, and threat hunting – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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