Email Inbox Collective, a company that works to assist brands on email strategy, growth, and monetization, proudly declares the next-gen of delivering marketing emails. This outstanding crowdsourced solution will send the marketing emails to the exact location.

For email marketers, drafting emails is an easy way to pitch customers. Earlier, getting messages through to customers at the right location used to be challenging. Email providers used to adopt various criteria that assisted to categorize individual emails, received by customers, and classify them according to their general interest, promotional events, social media, or spam. Since recipients conduct most of the criteria based activities consists of creative phrasing and best practices, the emails can move forward and land as a promotional message, in users’ primary inbox, where email can have its most impact and ROI. 

The Email Inbox Collective performs by illustrating the value of specific messages sent to the particular addresses. This way of email is done with the real-life email account identities as copies of every message are send to the Collective’s network. Every time the client’s email is flagged promotional or spam, the recipient can move the email to the primary folder where it can get positive actions.

The Email Inbox Collective Chief Data Scientist David Williams said that the key to this crowdsourced emailing is not to trick email providers in handling particular messages in a particular way. This process will teach the mail-categorization algorithms utilized by top email providers in providing marketing messages in a specific manner. William commented that the foundation of The Email Inbox Collective will test a hypothesis in which the team can teach AI-based email tools to the email providers.

The purpose of the Email Inbox Collective is to create a revolutionary way for the marketers, to deliver compelling, actionable messages efficiently, driving KPIs and open rates. For a single group, The Email Inbox Collective is of no use.

William also stated that the company doesn’t work with spammers. Their team had made reasonable marketing professionals hop through hoops to get their messages across, and their service outlined expressly to support best email-sending practices.

About The Email Inbox Collective 

The Email Inbox Collective works for crowdsourcing of emails with 100% assured delivery of messages. The Company promises to engage the clients with real email accounts to get them out of spam folders and land their words on the primary inbox. 

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