dWeb Guide, the first and most detailed framework to the next evolution of the internet (Web 3), including the decentralized web, dwebguide.com, celebrates its first anniversary this week (dWeb).

The objective of the dWeb Guide is to provide resources on blockchain applications as well as an extensive directory with links to live web pages that are already using web 3.0 and open-source technological advancements.

The internet, as all know, is going to transition quickly in the next five years, said dWeb Guide founder James Denn. And hence dWeb Guide would be right there with individuals assisting them in understanding and making the required adjustments and accelerating the necessary modifications to guarantee the web remains free and open for everyone.

Along with the directory, the website provides educational facilities and ‘Insights,’ which are in-depth editorials about crypto, DeFi, and other internet’s following transformation factors.

At dWeb Guide, they believe that educating the next generation of web users is critical to accomplishing the innovative internet and the democratic information exchange in general, says Pepita Maiden, COO. They aren’t knowledge gatekeepers in this space, but they do want to be the go-to resource.

As part of its dedication to academic achievement, dWeb Guide has launched an account on TikTok called @dwebguide, exchanging snackable and viewable tutorials in short-form video content. Ms Maiden illustrates that short-form video is the quickest tool to interact with their readers, supplying an entry point to the vast quantity of knowledge on decentralization.

About dWeb Guide

dWeb Guide has compiled an extensive list of live decentralized websites, each with a summary and a link. On their blog and social media accounts, they also provide high-quality stories and deep insight regularly. All things dWeb (decentralized web/web 3.0), including blockchain and cryptocurrencies, are covered.

For more information visit, https://www.dwebguide.com/

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