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The Io-Tahoe Data RPA Platform is now available to Oracle Partners that manage customer migrations to Oracle Cloud. The Platform and AI/ML-powered Digital Workers assist partners in gaining a better knowledge of their client’s data estate, which is one of the essential requirements for a successful Oracle Cloud migration.

Any migration comes with its own set of hazards, particularly when deciding what data may be transferred, when it may be migrated, and who has access to it. These decisions may impact both internal business divisions and external clients.

The Data Diagnostic Service for Oracle from Io-Tahoe is a cloud-ready module that operates on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and automates the migration process. The Data RPA Platform connects to all customer databases and apps, profiling them down to absolute data values (not just metadata) and automatically creating an accurate Data RPA Catalog.

Digital Workers powered by AI/ML handle the tedious, time-consuming operations required to integrate, standardise, and serve data at an enterprise scale, reducing migration and time to value from months to days. Data lineage, data classification, data deduplication, and sensitive data identification, formerly human procedures, are now completed by automated Digital Workers, resulting in a single version of the truth that customers can trust.

Ajay Vohora, CEO of Io-Tahoe, explained how Oracle Partners might use their Data RPA Platform and its ‘Digital Workers as a Service’ to swiftly provide the 360-view knowledge graph of Oracle data that their customers desire without disrupting their business. Vohora believes that by working together, they can save customers money and time by halving project deadlines and expediting the migration and transformation to Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Partners can use Data RPA as a Diagnostic Managed Service from Io-Tahoe. They can become a Reseller Partner for the platform and establish their own managed service, expanding their consulting and professional services offerings to clients. The following are some of the advantages of Oracle Data Diagnostic Service:

1. Customer adoption and integration of Oracle Cloud has been accelerated.

2. Getting quick, fact-based insights from all the clients’ scattered data silos.

3. Identifying sensitive data, privacy hazards, and absent security safeguards.

4. Determining the influence of data quality on customer business outcomes.

5. Evaluating customer remediation initiatives to improve data governance.

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