The UK-based Deltek, the world’s leading software solutions provider for project-based companies, announced that The Kantar Group, a global leader in data, insights, and consulting, is migrating to Deltek’s on-premise Deltek Maconomy cloud solution. Kantar would get all of the advantages of the latest version of Maconomy, besides a stable, efficient, and highly accessible cloud platform, by shifting to the Deltek Cloud.

Kantar, based in London, UK, holds more than 30,000 employees worldwide. The company supplies consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions on all aspects of measuring, tracking, and selection media. Kantar’s leadership examined and analyzed the processes to sustain its changing business and the necessity for efficiencies and online real-time reporting across the entire business following a recent change in ownership. For Kantar, moving to the Deltek Cloud was crucial as the existing platform is soon going to be obsolete. 

A core component of Kantar’s plan would be Deltek’s Cloud ERP solution, enabling operations and financials throughout the company. Kantar will integrate its Maconomy solution with other essential organizational instruments, including restructuring and reporting tools, through Deltek Cloud.

Neil Davidson, Regional Vice President at Deltek, said that Deltek’s modern and intuitive ERP solutions offer the business agility, transparency, and control that companies like Kantar need to run their organizations. He added that with Maconomy, Kantar would have better visibility into its finances, better insight into projects, and a much-improved user experience. He further said that they are excited to continue this trusted association with Kantar as it embarks on evolving its business in the cloud. 

Darlene Schroeder, CIO, Central Services at Kantar, said that as long-term users of Maconomy, they already were aware about the depth and capabilities of Deltek solutions. She said that the time was appropriate to upgrade and migrate into the Deltek Cloud. According to Darlene, this move will allow them to improve their approach to infrastructure and security. It will simultaneously allow them to focus more energy on transforming our core systems. 

About Deltek

Deltek is the leading global supplier for project-based organizations of business applications and information solutions. For superior levels of project knowledge, management, and collaboration, more than 30,000 organizations and millions of users in over 80 n worldwide depend on Deltek. By helping organizations achieve output that maximizes efficiency and sales, the industry-focused experience drives project success.

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