Celebriffy launched a new monetizing social media platform to give content creators more freedom and monetization power over existing social media content publishing networks. The existing ones are plagued by demonetization, low payouts, payment interruptions, anti-freedom platform laws, and fan relationship restrictions.

Many talented performance artists have been denied the ability to share their work and create valuable fan networks due to the current power structure. Celebriffy is developing the best monetization platform for professionals and individuals. It possesses unique skills who want to benefit while sharing their expertise with others through social media.

Harvey Kesner, co-founder, and counsel shared that he has worked with Celebriffy visionaries such as Noelia, a recording artist, and entrepreneur; Jorge Reynoso, a music producer, and aviation entrepreneur; and Omar Al Atroshi a Canadian businessman and software designer.

Kesner said that they want to make social media monetization tools available to the many people who have the skills or knowledge they want to share on social media to gain extra money.

Celebriffy asserts that ‘content is king’ and that creator are entitled to the lion’s share of the profits created by their work. From a rational standpoint, why should platforms profit from the hundreds of billions of dollars produced while only paying a fraction of that for the content that drives them? The pay and power ratio between network revenues and talent revenues is reversed with Celebriffy.

The Celebriffy platform provides complete content independence and control, allowing for maximum creative expression. Its fan engagement features enable massive life and record broadcasts with entire interaction and one-on-one private communication, all of which can be done immediately after downloading the app.

All of the app’s features are built to help artists create and retain the best fan base possible, with complete autonomy over their choices, right down to monetizing the power of each fan relationship in previously unheard-of ways.

About Celebriffy

Celebriffy is a robust content publishing and monetization platform with an easy-to-use app that gives content creators complete control over the value of their content, fan interaction, and freedom of speech. It is the newest and most popular social media platform for professionals and content creators to monetize their work.

For more information on Celebriffy, visit https://www.celebriffy.com

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