MetricStream, the leading independent company in Governance, Risk, and Enforcement (GRC) cloud applications, declared improvements to its intelligent cloud-native M7 Integrated Risk Platform. The up-gradation is brought through architecture, analysis, enforcement, enterprise risk, third-party risk, and information security products that leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS).

A latest IDC study reports states that in 2020, companies have increased their cloud use by 60%. Increased volume, the pace of risk, cybersecurity accidents, a growing array of compliance regulations, and changes have made it critical for companies to gain a more comprehensive view of governance, risk, compliance, and cyber programs. The fact of a competitive marketplace in which risk has permeated all enterprise levels has forced businesses to encourage risk and enforcement anomalies to be flagged by all lines of business. The introduction of a cloud-native Integrated Risk Framework helps GRC professionals to step away from a siloed approach and work seamlessly across the business. 

The latest AWS developments from MetricStream provide a full lifecycle for machine learning (ML) programs by promoting Amazon SageMaker and offering a native Machine Learning Platform to develop and deploy ML models. Enterprise Problem Analytics and Smart Policy Search capabilities, powered by ML, are leveraged by MetricStream clients. 

Organizations have different platforms for risk, audit, and enforcement that generate challenges in a siloed manner. Enterprise Issue Analytics helps create a single centralized repository and standard process to automatically analyze and categorize problems and automatically identify similar issues, patterns, and trends to prioritize actions. The Smart Policy Search capability allows the frontline to quickly and easily discover the relevant policy information based on its “intent.” 

The priorities of a changing workforce that demands greater involvement in creating a risk-aware organizational culture have prompted companies to put more trust in the frontline. In an environment of changing regulations and cybersecurity needs, this accelerates policy adoption, increasing the volume of policies accessed, referred to, and certified. Smart Policy Search helps efficiently solve these issues.

The release of MetricStream has also activated a set of AWS Marketplace GRC Products. This ensures that AWS customers can begin to leverage MetricStream GRC products for their needs quickly. Specifically, IT Compliance, IT Policy, and IT Risk Management is available via AWS Marketplace. Through direct MetricStream Sales, all other products are also available on AWS.

Vidya Phalke, Chief Innovation and Infosec Officer at MetricStream, said that MetricStream’s Intelligence capabilities are underpinned by AWS SageMaker’s proven scale and robustness. He added that Machine Learning is going to be a game-changer for MetricStream customers. According to him, risk and compliance teams and broader business users can get more comprehensive insights and foresight with MetricStream products.

About MetricStream

MetricStream is the leading name for solutions for Integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), delivering the most comprehensive, intelligent by design, Integrated Risk Platform based solutions. More than a million global users have demonstrated MetricStream’s purpose-built platform, designed to serve GRC use cases across industries and powered by deep domain expertise, embedded content, rich context, integrated data, and AI.

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